Lee Renninger



My work has evolved from a fascination with detail, repeated patterns and multiple units. While primarily ceramic-based, the works often incorporate other materials and always in an installation format. My conceptual focus is on the personal—bringing form to questions about both our internal and external states.

The use of excessive embellishment and overstatement in the work is intended to create an odd beauty—a visual hyperbole capable of attracting and seducing its viewers. This particular use of enhancement allows me to reference historical and cultural metaphors, and, in turn, create layers of possible meaning.

While I often treat clay as fabric—exploring everything from women’s work and its relationship to textiles to dresses of memory, I’ve also used it to construct walk- through landscapes and stacked, raised gardens.

In addition to my current conceptual focus, I continue to treat clay antithetically, questioning the possibilities of the material--how it might be used and in what ways it can speak of our time.

- Lee Renninger